Personal change & wellness coaching for busy executives

Your next level of success, fulfilment
& vibrant health starts here.


In a sea of to-do lists, phone calls, meetings and family commitments, do you ever feel like you’re trapped on a neverending rollercoaster with no control over your own life?

As a busy executive, you probably feel like you’re ‘switched on’ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Between the travel, deadlines, action items, team meetings, and your boss asking you every 15 minutes about the status of the status report, somehow you’ve lost YOU in the process.

You don’t go to the gym as much anymore. You’ve developed an unhealthy habit of skipping meals to save time. When you travel, you make poor food choices and neglect your health. You’re tired of solving problems on the fly and making critical decisions about priority projects that all need to be finished “ASAP”. Without even realising, you’ve put on weight, you’re flat-out exhausted and you’re not sure what YOUR next best step is.


It's time to stop living every day in ‘grind’ mode.

What’s grind mode? It’s doing the same thing week after week even though it’s not working, even though you’re not happy, your health is suffering and you feel more disconnected than ever before. It’s waiting for your job, your partner or your circumstances to change so you can have the life you really want.

Imagine having someone in your corner who can help you shine a light on your blind spots and point out what you’re missing. Someone to help you transition to a more fulfilling, healthier place in life, so that you can confidently go after your goals and sort through your priorities with a clear mind.

"I completely recommend working with Jaclyn, she has an incredible ability to help people. She also ‘walks the talk’, which gives you even more confidence in her abilities. Life changing!"

Hi, I’m Jaclyn Visch.

As a personal change and wellness coach, certified integrative health practitioner, and yoga teacher, I’ve guided and supported many men and women to transform their life from rat-race-overwhelm to happy, vibrant health.

I’m here to help you gain clarity and work towards your personal and professional goals with support and accountability. Together, we’ll explore concerns specific to you and your wellbeing, and discuss tools that will help you achieve a lifetime of balance.


I look at all of my clients holistically, taking into account their busy executive schedule to provide practical wellness solutions they can integrate into their lifestyle with ease. My approach is not a one-size-fits-all solution or a quick fix. I don’t dwell on calories, deprivation diets or create lists of restrictions. Instead, I’m here to support you to slow down and make long-term lifestyle changes. I’ll help you create a happy, healthy life in a way that’s flexible, fun and sustainable.

✓ Personalised support
✓ Confidential, safe space

✓ Accountability partner
✓ Fits around your busy schedule

"Jaclyn is an incredibly talented woman with a sincere commitment to making a difference in the life of people who are interested a lifestyle change that is easy to incorporate into daily life."


As your personal change and wellness coach,
you can expect me to:

  • Be your partner in bringing out the best version of you.
  • Call you out on your limiting beliefs and give you straight feedback.
  • Expand your view of what’s possible in your life.
  • Empower you to make educated choices about your health.
  • Respect the confidentiality of our ‘in the vault’ time together.
  • Be a sounding board for your ideas, goals and dreams.
  • Improve your relationships with others by improving your relationship with yourself.

Two ways to work together:


Reset & Revitalise

My 3-month personal change and wellness coaching program is the perfect jump start for those who want to make positive changes in their life and experience the benefits of a healthy body and mind.


Transformational Change

My 6-month personal change and wellness coaching program gives you the time, tools and education you need to develop new habits and reset your mindset for life-long health.

Ready to get the conversation started?

"Jaclyn has helped me gain so much clarity, I highly recommend her if you want to make lasting changes"


My coaching process:


Free 30-minute
Discovery Session

We’ll chat one-on-one for 30 minutes over the phone (or Skype) to make sure we’re the right fit for each other. You can share your health and wellbeing goals with me and I’ll tell you more about my style of coaching. My coaching process has a lot to do with building co-creative relationships with my clients. Think of it like hiring a wise, well-informed, solutions-oriented friend.


Coaching Sessions

Once a fortnight, you’ll receive personalised support from me via 50-minute coaching sessions over the phone (or Skype). During our sessions we’ll discuss your goals and concerns, cover related health and wellness topics, and I’ll give you specific recommendations and lifestyle tips that you can seamlessly integrate into your life. Each session will build upon the last.


Healthy, Happy
& Thriving

Using the tools and techniques we’ve discussed in your sessions, you’re ready to create optimal health while staying on your schedule. Imagine arriving at work not needing cups of coffee to power through the morning. Going all day without feeling irritable or anxious. Being able to sleep. Feeling “better than ever”. It’s all possible!



With me, you can share openly and be real, honest and vulnerable. There’s no need to wear any masks or pretend like you have it all together. Your coaching sessions are your time and confidential space to be completely 100% you. Zero judgment.


Let me ask you this:

If you’re not energised by your life and work, how do you show up ready to make critical decisions quickly, lead large dynamic teams, manage problems, influence stakeholders and motivate your team?

If your tank is running on empty, how can you deeply connect with your partner and be the best parent, friend or sibling you can be?

It’s challenging when you’re investing in so many others in your life and work to invest in yourself (both from a time and financial perspective). But, let me tell you, living your best life is invaluable! You can’t put a price on health and happiness.

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