Are negative energies and self-defeating narratives holding you back from living each day with complete peace, passion and happiness?

What if I told you that I could help you identify and release those energy blocks so you can write a new, uplifting, and empowering story?

Imagine making radical lifestyle changes, living life on your own terms and overcoming shame, uncertainty, fear and anxiety.

Instead of riding an emotional rollercoaster of tension, nagging worries and swinging self-doubt, you plant your feet on firm, solid ground and effortlessly attract new and amazing opportunities into your life, just by being YOU.

In the past, you’ve felt stuck, numb and overwhelmed. But now you feel MOMENTUM. You have the strength and confidence to let go of the darkness and turn on the light.

Awakening, healing, up-levelling, alignment.

This isn’t just wishful thinking — you already have the power within you.
I’m just here to help you access it.

Hi, I’m Jaclyn Visch.

As a personal change and wellness coach, yoga teacher and certified Point Of Light practitioner, I guide and support men and women to let go of their limiting beliefs, recurring life patterns, and untruthful stories, so they can shift their mindset and take confident steps towards their dreams.

I believe we all want to feel empowered to bring our biggest, boldest visions to life with clarity and confidence. But, sometimes we get stuck on our journey. Self-defeating thoughts, confusion, full-blown fear and old beliefs hold us back from creating what we truly desire.

As an energy healer and spiritual catalyst, I’m here to help you identify what’s holding you back, lean into that resistance and work with your guides to let it go — so you can live free of the heavy weight you’ve been carrying for days, weeks, years, and sometimes, even lifetimes!

"Jaclyn Visch she is truly incredible I can't recommend her enough! I haven't looked back at a traumatizing journey I went on only 8months ago!"

Fully step into the change you’re manifesting in your life.

Point Of Light Therapy is a conflict resolution modality. The stories your mind creates about who you are, what you need, what you want, and how life ‘should be’ can sometimes cause you to separate from that deep, inner ‘knowing’ of who you truly are. Through Point Of Light Therapy, I can help you unify your mind and energy with true reality, so you can make positive changes in your life.

Point Of Light Therapy is similar to a counselling session, but instead, I use techniques to access deeper levels of your consciousness (similar to kinesiology reading the body’s blueprint). Together, we’ll resolve and neutralise the negative energies you’re carrying from the past and bring peaceful closure to emotional wounds, anxieties and losses.


  • Release the negative and self-created narratives that are holding you back from all that you want.
  • Liberate yourself from negative experiences and buried emotions related to contact with a specific person, event, place, or psychological disruption
  • Reprogram harmful, self-sabotaging habits into positive, intentional choices that change the way you do life, for the better.
  • Align your chakras and clear old ‘contracts’ and undesirable energies, so you can create lasting change from the inside out.
"I had been in a work environment where I felt unliked and underappreciated (and had resigned).
I knew that I needed to clear this energy as it was consuming me.
Jaclyn took me on the journey of forgiveness and letting go, and I realised how stuck in my head I was and I was always looking for others to like me.
The release it gave me cleared space for me to move forward without the heaviness and burden of carrying around the worry."


How does distant healing work?

Distance healing involves sending healing intentions and energy to you via Skype/Zoom or telephone. I hold sacred space for you to move through your troubles and receive healing with no judgement. We’ll begin with guided conversation to uncover your limiting beliefs, identify crippling mental blocks, and address the patterns that are keeping you from living your life the way you were MEANT to.

I’ll connect with a higher source of universal support and utilise guided visualisations, chakra balancing and crystal healing to bring clean, peaceful energy into your life. Think of it as a beautiful, relaxing bath for your soul!

We’ll work on past lives, subconscious reprogramming and bioenergy transfer, using mindful meditation to lovingly guide you to your ‘point of light’.

Are you ready to see life with greater clarity and awareness,
and make choices aligned with what you truly desire?

  • 60-minute sessions
  • Confidential, safe space
  • Holistic transformation

  • Conscious reframing


Gentle guidance & support

With me, you can share openly and be real, honest and vulnerable. There’s no need to wear any masks or pretend like you have it all together. Your Point Of Light Therapy sessions are your time and confidential space to be completely 100% you. Zero judgment.

Schedule your sessions for whenever you need them, at your own pace. Sometimes opening up about your feelings and being ready to receive healing can be emotional and raw. Writing down your feelings, issues and questions in preparation for your session can help to prompt you.

My healing style is very intuitive and gentle. I’ll never push you to reveal something you don’t wish to share. Point Of Light Therapy isn’t about reliving your trauma, but rather about unlocking those ties to your past so they’re no longer influencing your current reality.

Are you ready to step into the best version of you and experience your own breathtaking transformation?

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